Data is undeniably an important component of doing business.  With today’s new applications and growing cloud needs,  more data is needed for all sizes of business.

Broadband/Cable – Broadband and cable are high-capacity transmission systems that use a broad range of frequencies. They enable large amounts of voice, data and video to be transmitted and received simultaneously and at high speeds. Cable offers the added benefit of faster service delivery than traditional T1 and Fiber connections at a lower cost.

T1 and EoC lines – Bonded T1 lines and Ethernet over Copper (EoC) circuits provide competitive solutions to smaller clients who have no access to cable and do not have the budget for enterprise fiber.

Microwave – Microwave transmission of data is possible through the use of radio with higher frequencies, allowing large quantities of information to be transmitted. It is an effective solution when other high bandwidth options are not available and services need to be implemented quickly.

MPLS Networks – Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) speeds up and shapes traffic flow on a converged network. This allows multiple business locations within a company to communicate via voice and data on a private network with QOS.

Private Lines – The transmission of sensitive and confidential company data requires a private line between locations over a secure network. Meridian Network Services has the all-important connections with carriers that can provide this type of service.

Fiber – Compared to copper wire, fiber-optic systems are less expensive, have significantly higher carrying capacities, and produce better signal quality. Let us sit down with you and discuss how you can experience high-speed Internet connection with fiber-optic solutions.

As a caring advocate, Meridian Network Services wants only the best for its customers. Let us save you the time, effort, and resources by allowing us to find the best provider for your data needs. Give us a call at (949) 388-0555 or contact us today.