Our Services

Our primary responsibility is not to sell products and services; our primary goal at Meridian Network Services is to understand your company’s needs and help you wade through the multitude of providers to find the best fit for you and your company.  Carrier bureaucracy can be complicated and confusing. We simplify the bureaucracy and help you make the right choices—and at no cost to you.

Negotiating and Procurement Services – We expertly navigate carrier, vendor, and service provider landscape. Leave the negotiating to us so you can attend to the most important things–your core businesses.

Implementation Support – From infrastructure to any necessary contracting work, we walk you through project implementation, ensuring smooth sailing from start to finish.

Customer Support – Our commitment to you does not stop at implementation. Our professionals are committed to giving you continued customer support because we want to grow with you and your changing business needs.

Auditing – Our comprehensive auditing system helps businesses assess current services, identify those that should stay, and eliminate those that are unnecessary. The goal is to minimize costs and maximize company resources. Often, we have discovered unused lines and circuits, unnecessary redundancies, over-billed charges, and poorly negotiated contracts that bloat telecom expenses. Planned Parenthood, Kinecta Federal Credit Union, and Kilroy Realty are just some of the many companies that each have saved around $300,000 annually after we performed audits and helped them implement our recommended solutions.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)– Overpayments, disputed billings, fraud, and lopsided contracts are risks that affect ROI on telecom assets. Properly managed telecom spending contributes directly to a healthy bottom line. TEM helps businesses track spending patterns and identify areas that need improvement to boost savings and increase profits.

Cloud Computing/Network Services – Network infrastructure planning and design services are available at Meridian Network Services to keep pace with fast-changing technologies. Whether you are looking for cloud hosting, data center services, or disaster recovery solutions, our long-term alliances with more than one-hundred carriers enable us to find the right solutions for your applications and needs.

At Meridian Network Services, we help save you time, money, and frustration with when dealing with carriers and multiple vendors.  From negotiation to implementation to continued customer support, let us be part of your telecommunications IT department at no cost to you. Contact us today to learn more.