VoIP /Hosted Voip– Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communications technology that allows users to make calls from any Internet-based device like a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It is a convenient tool for increased flexibility, mobility, and productivity. Hosted Voip phones are a alternative to Premise based phone services that can be installed and programmed quickly and require no or little capital to get started.

SIP Trunking – Session Initiation Protocol Trunking (SIP trunking) is a powerful component of VoIP that connects one point to the other over the public Internet. It saves money over traditional phone service because you can utilize your existing internet without installing T1s dedicated to voice only.  It also has more robust  fail over capabilities than the standard PRI T1 for disaster recovery and business continuity.

PRI/T1 – Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is typically used by medium and large enterprises to provide their PBX systems access to the PSTN. A T1 system has 24 channels and a PRI has 23 channels with a D channel for signaling  that can be used flexibly to meet  voice or video conference needs. If you want perfect call quality at all times this may still be for you.

Conferencing – Modern businesses are leveraging the benefits of video or audio conferencing to reduce travel costs, collaborate in real time, empower employees, increased decision-making time, and improve productivity.

Call Center – In this age of increased mobility, a call center is an important hub that gives your customers the information they need any time and wherever they may be. There are premised based call centers and a variety of Call Centers in the Cloud. Many that can work in conjunction with your existing hardware.

Unified Communications – Unified Communications (UC) is an encompassing system that integrates all the data, voice, video, and messaging applications of a company into a single platform. It enhances interconnectivity and enables better collaboration within and outside an organization.

Toll Free – A toll-free number is a great marketing tool that allows your customers to reach you and get answers to their questions for free.

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